Meet Our Animals!

  • Gopher Snake


    Bertha is our biggest snake with the biggest personality! Her hobbies include: burrowing in her substrate, slithering in her playpen, and being best friends with our staff member, Morgan.

  • Lung Fish


    There are only six species of fish left on earth that breathe air, and Kamongo the Lung Fish is proud to be one of them. Hobbies include: coming up to breathe air, and eating leftover squid from class squid dissections.

  • Leopard Geckos

    Beso & Sammy

    Tiny hands, big hearts! Beso & Sammy are friendly roommates who share hearty mealworm meals. Hobbies include: being misted, shedding skin, and having night vision.

  • Pythons

    Haku, Monty & Ludwig

    The pythons are definitely our cuddliest snakes. Monty the python is one of our oldest animals-- he's lived at the workshop for almost 30 years! Their hobbies include: cuddling, rolling up into balls, and getting warm under their heat lamps.

  • Bearded Dragons

    Mimi & Drogo

    Same species, two very different personalities! Mimi is the athletic one, and Drogo is more laid back. Hobbies include: devouring squash salads, doing push-ups, and climbing up your sweater and onto your head.

  • Pacific Tree Frogs


    Our frogs were born and raised in the workshop, having hatched from eggs we found at a local pond. Their hobbies include: trying to escape from their terrarium, eating crickets, and camouflaging.

  • Blue Tongued Skink


    Named after one of the workshop's first supporters, Maurice has lived with us for almost 30 years! He could be accused of having a grumpy disposition, but he really loves to cuddle. Hobbies include: laying on your forearm, and eating anything you'll give him from your lunch (chicken, egg, strawberries...)

  • Guinea Pigs

    Randy & Prince

    Fan favorites Randy & Prince are the most requested animals in the workshop! Their hobbies include: squeaking when they hear the fridge door open, eating carrots, and being held by students!

  • Pink-Toe Tarantula


    No, it's not a manicure-- this tarantula has pink toes! He's so fast that he's not ideal for handling, but he's great to observe. Hobbies include: eating crickets, molting, and climbing as high and fast as he can. 

Corn Snakes

Gandalf, Blanca & Orinoko

Our smallest but quickest snakes -- all different and vibrant colors. Their hobbies include: curling into their box hides, slithering up your sleeve, and catching mice!

Russian Tortoise


Honorable mention for her long-time service: Shelly lived at the workshop for 30 years! She has since retired to live with staff member Natalie after the two became close. Her hobbies include: doing parkour in her terrarium, eating flowers, and taking warm baths. 

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