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Meet Our Staff

Dan Sudran

Founder & Science Advsior

Dan founded Mission Science Workshop in 1991 and is responsible for its fundamental vision of reaching children from low-income areas with unique, hands-on science education.  He has 24 years of experience as Director of MSW, and led the movement for founding new community science workshops nationally. 

While working as a technician at City College, Dan filled his garage with circuit projects, disassembled electronics, collected rocks and animal bones, and much more. Neighborhood kids would stop by to learn from Dan's collection and thus began the concept of the "science workshop".

Today, Dan still most enjoys tinkering, experimenting and collecting-- taking apart speakers to re-use their magnets, converting radios to be solar-powered, lighting LEDs with sound waves, measuring oxygen levels in yeast experiments, and consistently developing new curriculum and exhibit ideas for the workshop.


Ziggy Khan

Executive Director


Ziggy Khan joined MSW as a volunteer in 2012, lured in by the Gracie, the Workshop's grey whale skeleton, and a resident tarantula. Officially on staff in 2014, Ziggy has worked to develop long-term sustainability strategies, led the organization’s fund development plan, and managed the organization’s finances, staff, systems, and operations. She was the lead on endeavors such as the 2016 Mission Science Workshop Day and Gala at City Hall, the crisis of the 2016 fire at the Excelsior Site, the 2020 COVID pandemic response, as well as recently spearheading the vision for the MSW Tuk-Tuk, our solar-powered renewable energy program.


Ziggy has traveled extensively and participated in community education, activism initiatives, and adventures from Karachi, Pakistan, Shanghai, China, Mount Everest, to the Great Plains of the Lakota Nation. These peak experiences have equipped her for the chief responsibility of enacting and sustaining MSW's mission. Ziggy is a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw, and enjoys crystal-foraging for the Workshop's collection. 

Bart Evans

Program Captain + Science Instructor

Bart studied community studies and Latino/a & Latin American Studies at UC Santa Cruz, and has since worked in education and advocacy with farmworkers across California, North Carolina and Oaxaca, Mexico. He previously taught at the Watsonville Community Science Workshop, and Community Science Workshop Network, before joining the MSW team in 2016. Bart currently coordinates the Excelsior programs and leads curriculum development efforts. He enjoys bicycling all around San Francisco, helping middle schoolers build strange contraptions and introducing his two young boys to all the animals housed at the workshops.


Natalie Boyanovsky

Development Manager + Science Instructor

Natalie hails from Pittsburgh, PA with degrees in neuroscience and philosophy. While working at a local SF public school, she learned about MSW from her students and wandered in after seeing the grey whale skeleton in the window -- leading her to joining staff in 2017. Now, at MSW, Natalie most enjoys teaching owl pellet dissections, leaf chromatography, and hanging out with our Russian tortoise, Shelly-- as well as leading development efforts like fundraising, media, and events.

Morgan Macdonald

Space Captain  + Science Instructor

Morgan is a San Francisco native who has worked as a public school science teacher and educator in both Oakland and San Francisco for the past 10 years. He loves building new things for the workshop and walking around with a snake around his neck. As "Space Captain" Morgan works to create, maintain, and organize the interactive exhibits in the workshop (and fight off evil space mutants from the planet Xan'Cath).


Beatriz Gonzalez

Custodian & Animal Care Specialist

Bio coming soon!

Santiago Delgado

Director's Assistant, Technology & Facilities Specialist

A current Junior at LeHigh University in Bethlehem, PA, Santiago has been part of the MSW community since visiting the workshop in fifth grade on a field trip. Santiago appreciated the out-of-the-box thinking and being able to be hands-on with the exhibits at the workshop, including (to his memory) solar-powered race cars, clay sculptures, and wooden scooters. In early high school, Santiago joined the team as an intern and has been handling special projects across the organization in support of its mission ever since.

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