Mission and History

Dan Sudran founded the workshop in 1991, in the garage of his Mission District home. His garage was filled with instruments, rocks, fossils, animal bones, magnets, radios, and much more. Neighborhood kids began to stop by daily, fascinated by Dan's science collection and wanting to tinker, build, and explore. Here, the concept of a "science workshop" was born.


Soon, Dan converted his home-education project into our two public workshop spaces, with a focus on serving underserved kids from local low-income areas. Our vibrant workshops give students and their families the opportunity to explore their own curiosities, learn new skills, and experiment with science in a creative hands-on fashion. 

Our workshops empower and enrich the lives of students through exciting science -- here, they can crack open shale fossils, wire a motor toy, build a wooden scooter, ride a homemade hovercraft, and much more. 


What We Do

MSW operates two bilingual community science centers that provide hands-on science enrichment activities to underserved youth and families.  We work with public schools and local community organizations to provide programs such as school-day field trips, after-school and summer programs, virtual programs, our renewable energy Tuk-Tuk program, and free drop-in programs. 


For 26 years, our neighborhood workshops have provided informal spaces for children to participate in our experiments, tinkering and construction projects. Our programs engage our students’ sense of curiosity and wonder to create authentic learning experiences.

We currently serve over 40 Title I public schools in San Francisco. Each day, we serve anywhere from 70-200 youth, with a yearly impact of approximately 12,000 individual students. 

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Workshop Locations:

Mission Site  map

3750 18th St,

San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 621-1240

Excelsior Site map

4458 Mission St,

San Francisco, CA 94112

(415) 594-9165