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The only exhibit of its kind in the Bay Area, our giant blood vessel offers the opportunity to actually see and feel some of the most minute (but vital!) processes in the human body.

Imagine you could spend a day inside your own body! You would learn how your muscles function, what cells look like, and see the crucial functional circuits that keep you going. Our blood vessel exhibit offers this unique opportunity -- not only is it an incredible experience for all the senses, we guarantee that you will learn something new!

This exhibit travels! We visit our partner schools with this stunning exhibit as a hands-on feature to lessons in biology, chemistry, anatomy, and nutrition. 

Photos by Mi Zhou

In this exhibit, students walk through a giant-sized version of a human blood vessel, complete with platelets, white and red blood cells, macrophages and more. 

Students actually see body systems on a giant scale, and understand their complexity and intricacy! 

IMG_3550 (1).JPG

This exhibit engages ALL the senses --  students actually touch and feel models of microscopic cellular features! 

The giant blood vessel sparks and nurtures curiosity! We often find students walking out full of questions, and excited to learn more!


Watch our feature on ABC news! 

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