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Internship Opportunities for SFUSD Students 

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Teaching Assistant

Our field trip and after-school programs host students from local elementary and middle schools. We teach hands-on lessons that include guided experiments, as well as give students free time to explore in our exciting workshops which include exhibits, live animals, fossils, instruments, and much more. 


During programs, interns will be responsible for:

  1. Distribution and collection of materials for students.

  2. Helping students stay engaged (can include: asking probing questions, providing gentle redirections to the task, reminding students about workshop expectations, answering questions, instructing on safe use of tools, etc)

  3. Assisting in science demonstrations.

  4. Cleaning up after programs.

   5. Monitoring students during “explore time”: assisting in              the use + providing explanation about exhibits, assisting in          the handling of workshop animals, and more.

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Artist in Residence

We like to blend the Arts with sciences as much as possible. Over our 30+ years, many artists have added to the Workshop by painting murals, posters, and sceneries, and creating interactive sculptures and models that inspire.


Artist interns will be responsible for:

  1. Planning and sketching designs: designing art piece drafts, including list of materials and costs; and soliciting materials donations.

  2. Engaging with Workshop staff and students to help build a collaborative artistic environment.

  3. Sharing space with Workshop staff and students: cleaning, maintaining, and storing tools and materials, and keeping space tidy and usable for students (or marked off while work is in progress).

   4. Promoting of work and the Workshop: photographing +           sharing work on social media; and participating in any art             events with the workshop (like the SFMOMA Soapbox Derby)

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