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Our impact
& testimonials


"Programs like yours inspire kids like me to pursue careers in science. [At school], I was in the English as a Second Language program for Spanish-speaking students. Rather than participating in science lessons, I had private English lessons, so anything science-oriented was a rare treat. One year I had a teacher that would bring us to the Mission Science Workshop, and seeing the various objects there (shells, feathers, bones...etc), I was left with the curiosity of learning about the natural world. I want to thank MSW for making a difference in my life by sparking my interest in science, and teaching me that I don't need a classroom to learn about science. I probably would not have pursued a career in science otherwise. I am now a research assistant at a university, leading a research project looking into the population genetics of snook in South Texas (a marine fish in the Gulf of Mexico) and am involved in other research in marine ecology and landscape genetics."
- Alin Gonzalez, former student of Cesar Chavez Elementary


"Mission Science has always been a space that motivates students to question and wonder about their world."
- Teacher from Moscone Elementary School


"Every time we visit Mission Science Workshop, I hear my students -- even some of the more typically apathetic ones -- exclaiming how much they want to be scientists when they grow up! MSW's programs give kids the freedom to explore with their hands, and learn by doing. Students really seem to love and value the experience of experimenting, tinkering, building, and creating. And they often can't wait to revisit for the weekend programs!"
- Teacher from Monroe Elementary School

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By the Numbers

We see over 10,000 individual students per year, across our several program offerings (field trips, after-school programs, summer programs, weekend drop-in days, and mobile programs)

On average, students visit our workshops at least 2 times per year, but usually more!

Most typically, we find that students that visit for a field trip later revisit for our weekend drop-in days, and bring their family members!

We partner with over 90 school and community organizations throughout the Bay Area

We offer a vast majority of our programs for free, or highly subsidized, to ensure that they remain as accessible as possible -- science is for everyone!

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