Locations and Contact

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Mission Site

3750 18th St

San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 621-1240

For General Inquiries Email: outreach@missionscienceworkshop.org

Excelsior Site

4458 Mission St

San Francisco, CA 94112

(415) 594-9165

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Getting there

Mission Site:


on Church Street bt. 17th and 18th



Nearest BART station: 16th St. and Mission St. BART, then 10-minute walk to MSW.


Nearest MUNI stop: 33 bus stops at 18th St. and Church St., then 2 minute walk to MSW. Also, the J-line goes to 18th and Church, too!



Excelsior Site:

on Mission St. and Excelsior Ave.


Nearest MUNI stop: 14 & 49 bus stops in front of the workshop

Nearest BART station: Glen park, 10-minute walk down to MSW.