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Field Trip Program

School-Day Field Trips

School day field trips include: 

  • 1-hour of guided hands-on investigations aligned with NGSS and Amplify science standards -- activities  building electromagnets, dissecting squid, constructing motor toys, observing insect life cycles, and much more. 

  • 30-minutes of unstructured, free exploration time to discover our exhibits, animals, and our expansive collection of bones, instruments, magnets, insects, rocks, microscopes, and more.

Enrolled Programs

After-school Programs

Build a homemade scooter! Explore dry ice! Wire a scribble-bot! Ride our homemade hovercraft! 

We partner with local community groups  such as YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Jamestown and many more, to host students for after-school programs.  

Our after-school programs give students the chance to design their own projects and curriculum based on their own interests, and spend more time in the workshop outside of the school day. 


Drop In!

Drop-in! for Free!

Want to come visit, build and explore -- after-school or on the weekend? We have several (free!) drop-in programs for you to visit. During these programs, we open our doors to the community, where scientists of all ages can explore our space at no cost.

Every Tuesday after-school at Excelsior Site

  • Every Tuesday of the school year, 3pm - 5pm


Second Saturday at Mission Site

  • Every 2nd Saturday of each month of the school year, 10am to 3pm

Third Saturday at Excelsior Site

  • Every 3rd Saturday of each month of the school year, 10am to 3pm

Fourth Saturday at Bayview Site

  • Every 4th Saturday of each month of the school year, 10am to 3pm


MSW All Open Days SY23-24 (3).jpg

Whale on Wheels!

Our Whale on Wheels program is one of the most exciting programs we offer! In this program, we travel with our real gray whale skeleton, Gracie, and bring her to school and youth program sites! After guided discussions regarding evolution, marine life, sustainability, and comparative anatomy -- students get the chance to assemble Gracie's skeleton like a giant puzzle.

Our Whale on Wheels program has been deeply impactful because it provides students the opportunity to actually touch and hold real whale bones, and see first-hand the magnitude of this incredible animal! After this experience, students become more invested in protecting marine life and becoming stewards for our oceans. 


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