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Tinker, build, and explore

at our workshops!

MSW’s three bilingual community science centers provide inspiring hands-on science programming to San Francisco youth and their communities.

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Visit us at our upcoming community open days --

all free, and fun for the whole family! 

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Have you seen our newest and most magnificent exhibit? Introducing...



Our giant blood vessel is our first fully immersive, walk-through exhibit 

Experience the world inside your own human body

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Photos by Mi Zhou

MSW mini-doc!

Dan Sudran, MSW Founder, on PBS


Artwork by Laurie Wigham 


MSW’s mission is to provide hands-on science activities to help children and their communities develop a genuine interest in the world around them. For over 30 years, we have partnered with Title 1 public schools and community organizations to provide programs that empower students and enrich their lives through engaging science education. We currently serve 41 public schools and annually impact approximately 12,000 individual students and their families.

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