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Introducing... Virtual Science Programs!

Our virtual programs are in full swing!

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MSW's in-person programs have been suspended since the onset of COVID-19, and will follow San Francisco Unified School District's policy to reopen in-person learning. We are now hosting a variety of virtual programs to keep our students and their families tinkering, exploring, and creating while learning at home.

Whether learning is remote or in-person, we are committed to bringing hands-on science to public schools and communities that are most in-need. Since March 2020, we have provided engaging virtual programs and resource kits to thousands of students in hundreds of classrooms.

Our partner schools are facing more challenge than ever to bring science to students during the pandemic. Students need support to access exciting, interactive science while learning at-home. Donate now to to sponsor our virtual programs for SFUSD students! 


MSW’s two bilingual community science centers in San Francisco provide unique hands-on science programming to youth and families from underserved communities.

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Dan Sudran, MSW Founder, on PBS


Artwork by Laurie Wigham 

MSW’s mission is to provide hands-on science activities to help children from low-income communities develop a genuine interest in the world around them. For 29 years, we have partnered with Title 1 public schools and community organizations to provide programs that empower students and enrich their lives through engaging science education. We currently serve 41 public schools and annually impact approximately 12,000 individual students and their families.